DSCN2254I have enjoyed the opportunity to get to know Jonathan Taylor, particularly over the past year in the course of a Nondual Teacher Training. During this time we have shared and expanded our abilities to present nondual awareness, as well as playing in the community of oneness, mystery and healing. Jonathan has an unusual breadth of experience in and with the undivided – he is versed in plant medicines, shamanic healing, working with native elders and honoring paths both ancient and new. Jonathan has been a source of structure, precision and support in our group training, and in the small group which we have shared in the past year. He has also been a ready source of deep seeing and belly laughs. He has a winning capacity to connect easily and genuinely with anyone, and readily offers up his love, clarity, humor and warmth.

I recommend him highly as a coach, teacher, facilitator, death midwife, nondual teacher, and steadfast friend.

Susan R. McCarn


It is with great humility and deep affection that I offer an endorsement of my friend and companion on the journey, Dr. Jonathan Taylor. I met him as I was in a major transition in my personal and professional life. The process included moving my family from the San Francisco Bay Area, ending several employment and academic relationships and obligations there, and facing starting anew in my old hometown of Seattle, all the while taking on a year-long commitment to undergo advanced training as a non-dual teacher and therapist. Jonathan and I were both engaged in the latter, an intensely involved spiritual and academic endeavor with our teacher and mentor, Dr. Peter Fenner. From the opening moments of the first of three residential retreats, I gravitated toward Jonathan’s amazing presence. He was at once grounded and wise and filled with warmth and good humor. He was totally approachable and supportive to all who came to him for guidance, as he is one of Peter’s more senior students and was acting in that capacity in our group. I was fortunate to have him in my bi-weekly teleconference group, which is ongoing, as well as in every small work group we conducted, and can say without reservation that he is among the most impeccable souls I know. His clarity of purpose and depth of compassion are peerless. His presencing of unconditioned awareness is pure, open and freely given. His wisdom is authentic and earned over many lifetimes. I trust him completely and recommend him without hesitation as mentor, coach, and spiritual guide par excellence.

Sean Patrick Hatt, PhD


Jonathan is a wise and compassionate man and teacher who deeply embraces unconditioned awareness.  He has a keen ability to see through and deconstruct the workings of the conditioned mind and guide to our True Nature of pure presence.  He brings humour and joy to relationships.  It is a gift to be in his loving presence.


I was very fortunate to have Jonathon as my coach during the Radiant Mind 10 month course.  I felt completely supported and non-judged as I participated in Peter Fenner’s Unconditioned Awareness Program. Jonathan gently helped me see more clearly beyond my fixed constructions and beliefs and to deconstruct my conditioned beliefs and thoughts. He helped me to deepen my understanding and knowing of Unconditioned Awareness, to what is indescribable and at the same time to see truth in the unconditioned and the relative world. Jonathon always honoured both the unconditioned awareness and the conditioned way of being thus i was able to see it was possible to accept both and integrate both the dual and non dual in my life without judgement, accepting exactly what is. Jonathon was a compassionate guide pointing me to see deeper beyond my limiting beliefs to the unconditioned awareness that is always present. I looked forward to our phone conversations and felt completely at peace during and after the calls.


I met Jonathan Taylor in early 2009, we were both participants in Peter Fenner’s 9-month Nondual Teacher and Therapist Training. Jonathan had taken the course in prior years and  had also served as a coach and mentor for participants in Peter’s sister course, Radiant Mind. As valuable and fulfilling as the course itself was, for me its singular greatest gift was that it brought Jonathan Taylor into my life. As a dear spiritual friend as well as model and mentor for me, Jonathan is 5 stars out of 5. As a true elder in the best sense of the word, Jonathan perfectly embodies the kind of gentleness and wisdom that can only fully ripen over a long lifetime. In Jonathan’s presence I feel free and comfortable, fully accepted just as I am. And I feel his full attention, when he’s with me, he’s with me, not distracted otherwise. Jonathan listens deeply, with his full being in a way that makes me feel held and carried. He has a unique talent for finding the perfect inroad into my speech where he will often interject the most perfect and fitting comment that spontaneously transports me into deeper personal insight as the wisdom of my own heart opens in this allowing space. Being with Jonathan is an organic process, never contrived or premeditated, always sincere and heartfelt. And did I say that I love his lighthearted humor? I couldn’t endorse Jonathan more fully. If life presents you with the opportunity to work with this man, take it!

Vonna Smith, RN

I’ve worked with Jonathan for almost three years in various capacities, including coaching. Jonathan is able to walk the line between just allowing and directing. So much of this work is about the client discovering his or her own inner wisdom, but there is also a role for a gentle, or sometimes even not so gentle, nudge. Jonathan has an intuitive grasp of when to nudge and when not to.

In a recent example, Jonathan and I were working in a group setting where one of the members became emotionally distraught. Jonathan skilfully navigated the waters, fully allowing the client to have an emotional experience without validating the stories and projections behind that experience. That kind of gentle wisdom can allow perceived problems to dissolve on their own.

Thank you for the wisdom you bring.

Jeff Munn

It was my pleasure to have Jonathan as my coach during the 2010-2011 Radiant Mind program. Jonathan brought a depth of insight and breadth of experience to our many conversations which touched on the personal, spiritual and business aspects of my life. His presence was easy, direct and compassionate and provided a space that invited me to see clearly and speak honestly.  Jonathan is an effective and authentic teacher of the non-dual, in both speech and silence.

Robert Hodgman

I’ve worked with a number of therapists – am one myself – yet find it difficult to articulate Jonathan’s approach. No therapies I’ve come across really describe it. What I find most liberating is how skillfully Jonathan works with what’s arising in the moment. He creates a space that allows for possibilities that are rich and expanded, not just a way to get from A to B. It takes sensitivity and robustness about what’s arising in the moment, not just for the client but also the therapist, to be able to track both at the same time. This is what Jonathan so deftly does – and what permitted me, as his client, to embrace a way of being with myself that I had not known before. Now that he has moved to Victoria, I hope to continue working with him on Skype.

Irene Mock