Embracing the Unknown

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We are witnessing the disintegration of much in our world that had once seemed solid and secure. The ground beneath our feet is literally shaking, and everyone knows it. How are we to stand before the tsunami of the unknown?

Perhaps an option is the resolution of duality, dissolving the suffering of separation, opening to the healing space of unconditioned awareness.Condor or Eagle, the Jaguar and the Mountain Lion, heart with mind, neither action nor repose – these dichotomies are meeting each other, releasing undreamed of creative healing energy.

Working with Amazonian shamanic methods can be a tremendous opportunity to venture into a similar territory of the inner landscape—to open within to that which is profoundly unfamiliar, beyond the reach of anything that our conditioned mind could have possibly conceived.

The vision for a retreat arises of a desire to extend abiding in unconditioned awareness throughout the entire range of human experience. Nondual practitioners could be immensely benefited by an alliance with indigenous Peruvian shamanic practices offered in a ceremonially authentic setting, and well-supported by qualified resource people.

The vision makes an offer to current nondual practitioners for a mutual undertaking to widen the stream of each practitioner’s life and expand the possibility for unconditioned awareness. Since the capacity to abide in nondual awareness is radical, specific, and takes time to develop, there seems to be an essential prerequisite of engagement with nondual practice for any participant. The embodiment of results-based practice always and finally comes to rest in just this.

In many cases, the shamanic practices will support personal healing, clearing, emotional resolution, and shadow work. This is obviously good medicine for any practitioner, not just the so-called nondual. When we drink the medicine of non-separation, we discover what we really care about, what is truly calling us in our life, right now. No one else can tell us what this is. But we can come together and create a seamless field that supports this kind of investigation. As our constructed world crumbles, is it not time to fully embody a full-hearted and deeply creative response to life, just as it is?

Jonathan, 15 May 2014

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