Dr. Jonathan Taylor, PhD, an evolving scientist, artist, educator, coach, mentor, consultant, and entrepreneur, is actually a spiritual being still learning what it is to be human.JET-6 copy

Life as Lived – In retrospect, my life has been a wandering inquiry into the fundamental nature of reality. Not surprisingly, the intertwined themes of BELONGING and BECOMING played an essential part of my growth early in life, as have the themes of INTIMACY ~ ISOLATION, and MASCULINE ~ FEMININE. Married thrice, with two grown sons and a step-daughter, I have come to realize that, at heart, reality is a multifaceted expression of love. I have brought this into all my work of being and doing: mentoring, teaching, organizational development and leadership, healing and spiritual evolution; and end-of-life coaching – all as a lived expression of love, relationship and compassionate wisdom. For as long as possible, I am committed to being present until I am gone.

An experienced and creative facilitator and teacher, with a PhD in Marine Botany, I have trained in Nondual Coaching, the work of Byron Katie, Dialogue, and Open Space Technology. As enrichment for this work, I traveled to India, South America (Peru), Mexico, and Europe. Now living with my partner in Victoria, British Columbia, I serve on the faculty of the SelfDesign Graduate Institute, and as a contractor and Mentor for the SelfDesign High School. I am an emerging elder, 76 years in the making, and I am noticing how all of this wealth of experience has only sharpened my curiosity about life itself..

Jonathan brings his experience, perceptions and humour to RadiantPath Coaching.

Restoration — I have come to realize that our inevitable aging into elder is redeemed when we realize that our continued personal evolution benefits the greater whole. Not surprisingly, this realization finds its expression greatly enhanced by working in groups — that the evolutionary process is almost impossible to accomplish alone. The form of my work is based in the ‘practice group’ (posse, learning cohort, sanga, etc.) where, as a collective, we work together  (‘belonging’),  as our individual unique development emerges (‘becoming’). My engagement with youth, adults and  elders, whether one-on-one or in groups, circles or classes, I named RadiantPath Coaching. I help and support people to explore possibilities for transformation. Along the way, we will encounter obstacles and wounding that shows up as experiences of being blocked, stuck, contracted, vision-less, disconnected from self, spirit, soul and others. I, too, am that; my authority comes from life as lived, teachers and guides, and integrated direct experiences. Most of all, I am living all for which I offer support. I help people to get clear and then take action, as I do for myself.

I am deeply grateful for the help I have received from my children and partner. Peter Fenner has had an extraordinary impact on my life, as have many other teachers over the years. I acknowledge the plants as a great source of wisdom and clarity. This website was facilitated by my older son; the tattoo on my shoulder was given to me by my younger son.