RadiantPath Coaching can support you at a critical passage in your personal journey, perhaps a time of extraordinary fertility, in fellowship with other mature travellers on the Radiant Path that uncovers your heart’s desire.

What I offer is my personal support to those of you who are entering a singular point in your life, a cross-roads moment of choice, responsibility and noble clarity.

Our work together will sustain you in resolving your unfinished business, discovering  what your next step might be towards your true calling. The work will encourage self-acceptance and compassion. And it will support you in making maximum use of this crucial time of life, to take a courageous step forward in your personal evolution.

Crisis (‘dangerous opportunity’) is the most potent yet difficult time for accelerated personal evolution and growth. Out of your unique lived experience, RadiantPath Coaching can help you to map a legacy of awakened compassionate wisdom. I invite you to join with me in fellowship to find out what deeply matters,  discovering and sharing what you really care about in this next phase of your life.

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It is with great humility and deep affection that I offer an endorsement of my friend and companion on the journey, Dr. Jonathan Taylor. I met him as I was in a major transition in my personal and professional life. The process included moving my family from the San Francisco Bay Area, ending several employment and academic relationships and obligations there, and facing starting anew in my old hometown of Seattle, all the while taking on a year-long commitment to undergo advanced training as a non-dual teacher and therapist. Jonathan and I were both engaged in the latter, an intensely involved spiritual and academic endeavor with our teacher and mentor, Dr. Peter Fenner. From the opening moments of the first of three residential retreats, I gravitated toward Jonathan’s amazing presence. He was at once grounded and wise and filled with warmth and good humor. He was totally approachable and supportive to all who came to him for guidance, as he is one of Peter’s more senior students and was acting in that capacity in our group. I was fortunate to have him in my bi-weekly teleconference group, which is ongoing, as well as in every small work group we conducted, and can say without reservation that he is among the most impeccable souls I know. His clarity of purpose and depth of compassion are peerless. His presencing of unconditioned awareness is pure, open and freely given. His wisdom is authentic and earned over many lifetimes. I trust him completely and recommend him without hesitation as mentor, coach, and spiritual guide par excellence.

Sean Patrick Hatt, PhD

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